The bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical Engineering begins with the basic knowledge in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, and focuses on electromechanical integration technology, mechanical engineering, automation, design and manufacturing, R&D, application research and operation management.


The bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation adapts to the modern equipment manufacturing, with the focus on the interdisciplinary subjects in mechanical engineering, computer control technology and modern testing technology.


The bachelor’s degree program in Mechatronic Engineering is a new program, designed to meet “Made in China 2025”. The program pays attention to the organic integration of robotics, intelligent technology and information technology energy. It is an inclusive specialty integrating machinery, electronics, control communication and other disciplines.


The bachelor’s degree program in Vehicle Engineering and Automotive Service Engineering are designed to meet the rapidly-developing domestic automotive industry, advanced automotive manufacturing industry and the modern automotive after-sale service. To promote the development of the Shanghai automotive industrial base, these programs are intended to cultivate talents with high technical skills for fuel economy, emission control, intelligent testing and diagnostics, urban transportation planning and intelligent control. For this, teaching and testing base is also established on campus.


The bachelor’s degree program in Energy and Power Engineering mainstreams the energy and environment, highlights the interdisciplinary subjects in power engineering and engineering thermo-physics, mechanical engineering and civil engineering.


The Bachelor’s degree programs in Mechanical Designing, Manufacturing and Automation (Sino-US Joint Program) and Transportation (Sino-US Joint Program) are joint programs between SUES and Lawrence Technological University (LTU). Under this joint program, more than 20 courses are originally based and delivered by foreign teachers from LTU. Outstanding students can be recommended to further study at LTU for Master’s Degree.



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